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I am buyer of windows phone (1520) and have put lost of trust and hope in the OS. But now I realized the mistake I have done....costly one yeah. No love dovy, let's get to facts straight:

1. In Emails, only images as attachment are supported. Any plans when this will be addressed?

2. Accepting one-by-one, bulk of files transferred via Bluetooth from some other phone

3. No support for WiFi Direct. Please Easy Transfer / WiFi share is NOT wifi direct (directly). When will this come out?

4. Things like vibrating once and then never, when vibrate+ring mode selected. Really!

5. No support for flash videos, which means, you cannot view some live streaming

6. No multilingual translate keyboard. Transliteration keyboard does not exist.

7. Messy and unsorted settings with random and unusual accumulation under one group In 8.1 it is absent completely. In 10, it is grouped in the way Microsoft wants it.

8. Apps restricted to access certain areas (yes whatsapp restricted to access music files). Why?

9. Lame control over ringtones just two -> ringtone and media! Hello! what about controlling message, email etc ringtone separately!

10. You do not get any shortcut, for toggling your Internet connection in Action Center. 10 has it, no fix for 8.1

11. Most personal music player is bully and never closes. Untill you restart your phone!

12. Just some few odd 10-12 colors to choose from and personalize you most personal smartphone? No color selector to choose!

13. You cannot control videos viewed within app e.g. facebook or WhatsApp. God knows which video player it opens not having any navigation system to move ahead or back in video!

14. Why can't I decide which player to open the file, complete the action with?

15. I can not share to some apps my images from screenshots section, because that is more personal?

16. No custom screen lock timeouts. Why?

17. No control on naming the different phone numbers a contact has.

Too much for personal phone reinvented around me! Crap!

These are basics which need to be fixed first rather than rolling out breathtaking, larger than life kind of updates, falling flat on ground after release!


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or choose android [smile]
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