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I guess this is but another concept in a vast online sea filled with Windows 10 concepts. And yes, I know everyone's tired of seeing concepts that would never be, but I just couldn't help myself lol. To me, this really is more of a visualized wish-list than a concept. The big idea behind this though isn't too far out as other concepts I've seen, so in a way, this is a little less exciting yet a little more feasible... I guess? Most are minor tweaks, adjustments, additions, and wishes I would love to see come to WP.

If anyone out there is interested in checking it out, I've uploaded it on Stampsy (it's sort of like an online magazine/blog). 
Windows X for Phones: A Fanboy's Visualized Wishlist · Stampsy

and here's a screenshot

if you're planning on viewing or have viewed it, thank you [smile]

any sort of feedback is welcome and appreciated [smile]

oh and just putting it out there, English isn't my native language, so I do apologize for any grammatical errors. [in case some grammar nazi is out to get me lol]
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