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Onecast is a simple and intuitive audio podcast player; designed to be the spiritual successor to the native windows phone 7 podcast player, that just works so you can spend more your time enjoying your podcasts!


• Download Podcasts for offline-listening
• Live Tile Slideshow of Your Podcast Cover Art
• Skip Forward 30s or Back 10s Using Native Windows Media Shortcuts or Bluetooth Playback Controls (e.g. Car Bluetooth System or Microsoft Band)
• Share your podcast with friends & family on ANY platform
• Adjust Playback Speed (i.e. 1x, 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x)
• Playback Speed is Remembered for Each Podcast Series
• Search By Keywords or Manually Copy/Paste RSS URL
• Flag Podcast Episodes of Interest
• View Show Notes In-App
• Continuum Support
• Unified App Across PC, Mobile, Xbox One*, Tablets and HoloLens*

*App should work with Xbox One and HoloLens however these are untested platforms (due lack of test devices)

m001.png  wp_ss_20161102_0007.png  wp_ss_20161102_0009.png  wp_ss_20161102_0010.png  m005.png  m006.png  pc001.png  pc002.png  pc003.png 


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Onecast Updated to v1.1.10.0!

By optimizing for performance when you're on WiFi or Unlimited Cellular Data, minimizing bandwidth use when you're on a metered connection, and disabling streaming services when you're in Airplane Mode, Onecast aims to keep user configuration to a minimum. I'm so dedicated to this concept that there's not even a global settings page!

New in this Update:

  • Automatically Detect and Adapt App to Internet Connectivity Level (e.g. WiFi vs Metered Connection vs Airplane Mode)
  • In-App Airplane Mode
  • OPML Import Support
  • Episode Descriptions are Hidden by Default. Press "i" to Show.
  • Increased Icon Sizes
  • Expanded Now Playing Interface is Now Fullscreen
  • General Bugfixes
More Features To Come!

  wp_ss_20161108_0001.png  wp_ss_20161108_0002.png  wp_ss_20161108_0003.png  wp_ss_20161108_0004.png 


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Updated to v1.1.21.0!


  • Play remotely on ANY Windows device you're logged into! (beta)
  • Live Tile notification of new episodes!
  • Tap to toggle time elapsed/remaining during playback
  • Tap on downloading text to see pending download queue
  • Swipe left/right on pending download queue to remove
  • Changed download icon from downward arrow to cassette tape
  • Auto-Delete may purge old cache files if >90% played to save space
  • Added Cancel option to active download
  • Improved active download info
  • Fixed issue with podcasts without image
  • Fixed auto-cache sometimes not working
  • Fixed attempt to auto-cache completed episode
  • Fixed attempt to stream next episode in airplane mode
  • Fixed episodes sometimes displayed out of order
  • Fixed podcast series sometimes out of order
  • Fixed unable to unsubscribe to some podcasts
  • Fixed Live Tile image cropping on mobile
  • Fixed episode list issue in airplane mode
  • Fixed random app crash during playback
  • Additional minor bugfixes

wp_ss_20161129_0005.png   wp_ss_20161129_0010.png   wp_ss_20161129_0006.png   wp_ss_20161129_0007.png   wp_ss_20161129_0009.png   wp_ss_20161129_0008.png 

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