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Saffron is one of the greatest blessings of God on the Earth. This is because of its being multipurpose spice. It is also one of the most costly spices on this planet. The use of saffron dates back to some 3500 years ago. Saffron grows out of the flower of a shrub (stigma) and is particular to Iran. Therefore, the Iranian saffron is considered pure and original as compared to saffron grown in other parts of the world. Since ages, saffron has been used by people for cure of various ailments. According to experts there are cures of more than 90 ailments in this natural shrub. Following are some of the major saffron benefits.


The very first and the most important benefit to buy saffron is that it contains crocin which gives it red gold color. This crocin has water soluble carotene that is effective in apoptosis. This means that saffron can cure many kinds of cancer in human beings. A team of researchers in Mexico has proved that saffron and its effective components can inhibit defective cells in human beings without causing damage to the healthy cells.

2-Learning and Memory Booster

Red gold zafran is also effective in decreasing the aging effects on human mind. The spice is used in many countries across the world to boost the learning process and increase the memory of the individuals. Crocin is a lot effective in mental repairmen due to aging. One of the secret behind Japanese development is encapsulated crocin for treatment of memory and learning issues.

3-Relieves Cold and Cough

Taking saffron mixed with milk cures cold and coughs to a great extent. Saffron acts as a tonic in the winter season. Gently rubbing saffron mixed with milk on the forehead eliminates cold instantly. Eating saffron rice may also prove effective in certain cases.
Moreover, saffron also proves a lot effective in delayed puberty and also increases the sexual powers and vitality in human beings. Taking saffron with milk also helps growing hair thus making it effective in baldness.

Kinds of Saffron

Originally, saffron was discovered in Persia and had only one kind. With the passage of time, it was also found all across the world at various places and the researchers discovered many of its kinds. The saffron price also differs with its various kinds.

Negin Saffron

One of the best and original saffron with dark red colors is typical to Iran. This kind of saffron is costly than other types because of its appropriateness in the market.

Sargol Saffron

Sargol is also refined type of saffron which is obtained after separating yellow and while parts from bunch saffron. One of its prominent features is that it has strong coloring power and is used to make saffron rice.

Bunch Saffron

This kind of saffron is a mix of red and white colors. There is red stigma and white style of the flower mixed in it. The red color comprises 75% while the remaining 25% is both style and filament.

Style Saffron

It is the most inferior kind of saffron that has style and filament parts in its composition. It has yellow color and is used in medicines. It is not the pure saffron and does not have coloring power.

Where to Buy Saffron

Saffron is one of those spices that are costly but easily available. However, buying pure saffron is a lot difficult. Therefore, saffron should be bought from some certified company for guaranteed purity and benefits.

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