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Is somebody spying on your phone? Are you tired of this? Reveal spies with application Spy Hunter! Use your cell phone as bait.

To run Spy Hunter, lock the device from the app. After this trying to unlock the phone launches hidden capturing and sound recording. Taken photos and audio recording are stored in special storage protected with PIN-code. Storage can be accessed only from application gallery.

 Another feature allowing to find out who's messing with your Windows Phone device is trap-tiles. Tiles are set on the Windows Phone home screen.  Clicking on the trap-tile launches hidden capturing and sound recording.

- Hidden capture of spies interested in your phone

- Sound recording in the moment of unauthorized access to phone

- Alarm

- Special data storage protected with PIN-code

- Notification of unauthorized access

- Trap-tiles on home screen

- Automatic saving photos to SkyDrive

The app is available for downloading in Windows Phone Store in 2 versions: freemium http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=e00f6f3a-76c2-403a-bce9-ddc916b33f08 and paid version http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=bbecb45d-5fe1-4e77-979d-a248602e8c5f.


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Is it really useful? Did some use it? My boss installed iKeyMonitor on my iPhone for working, but It can't be removed without the passwords, how could I do? (who can help me visit the software to see if the spy hunter can remove it?)

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Lots of people have already used such apps, so you can look at this ikeymonitor review so you can learn from experience of other people.
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