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Hey guys,

i've been an iPhone user since 2007 here in the UK pretty much up untill now (there was a brief 6 months where i had an HTC ONE S......possibly the worst POS EVER). So i've finaly seeen the light as i have an XBOX and Windows 8 PC.

I work for a phone network so have played around with Nokia Lumia 920, 920, 620 and the HTC 8X.

Basically i'm mid-contract and will get a trade-in value of around £300 for my iPhone 5. The question is which do i get?

Any on the horizon i should hold off for??

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I would stick with a Nokia model, the 920 or 820 due to their dedication to the platform. Both of these devices have strengths and weaknesses, so find the one that fits your needs

Just a few pros/cons off the top of my head

920- Pro
32GB internal storage
pureview camera
wireless charging

no SD slot
it's pretty large(may not be a con)

820 Pro
More manageable size
Sd slot
Changeable back plates

wireless charging requires new back purchase
no pure view camera, weaker FF camera
8GB storeage- apps cannot be moved to SD card so storage could be limited if you use a lot of apps. Music, photos etc can be stored on SD card. 

So are you looking for a nice camera with your phone that you can use a lot of apps with, or having  a choice to change phone color on the fly and the expandable file storage for music photo etc but you may have to manage app install once you have a good number of games and apps.


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I prefer 820 over 920. SD card has more value to me as camera specs.
Plus I like the possibility of changable shells.

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