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Just letting you all know, you can get phone Lumia 950from 

http://www.1shopmobile.com/Microsoft-Lumia-950-LTE.html for $589USD and $35 shipping to USA which totals to $624USD

here's link for Lumia 950 XL

http://www.1shopmobile.com/Mobile-Phones/Nokia/Microsoft-Lumia-950-XL-LTE.html which is $629.

 You can read their FAQ to see other countries they ship to and their rates FAQ

This isn't pre-order ,this is the phone actually being shipped to you.its not available on Microsoft USA because of low stock, Microsoft is focusing mainly on other markets as we see ,so phones from this website are shipped all unlocked from Microsoft Asian distributors, I purchased my Lumia 1020,930 at the time from this website, I ordered my Lumia 950 XL from them since they had that in stock but I notice the Lumia 950 is their new arrival on the site so just letting others know


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Find cheap deal @ Official MSFT Store @ $598.99 (including free delivery in US)... 
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